Thursday, February 26, 2015

We're Moving... {New Site, New Name, New Everything... Almost}

This spring I'll be packing my bags here at This Kind Handyman and I and moving to a new domain. This is a big step for me.

I launched TKH&I in January 2013, and it's a little embarrassing to look back at that first post, where I "timidly joined the masses of bloggers." But I have no regrets. What a gift to go back and see how far we've come. Since pressing publish in 2013, we became parents to two beautiful children through adoption and I've brought readers in on the waves of adoption, parenting, life, and living in a small fixer upper. And it's been pure joy.

I didn't know I would love it like this. The kids know mama likes to "write" and sometimes it feels scary to put myself out there.. but I'm glad to say it never completely stopped me. What comfort I've felt to write, and write, and write.

So thank you for following. It's been humbling to see my readership grow.

Along the way, I bought a Nikon 3200, nothing fancy, to help share stories from our corner of the planet. I was intrigued by my DSLR so it wasn't long before I was shooting in manual and enjoying the creative element of taking photos. Then to my surprise, a couple close to the handyman and I asked me to do an engagement shoot for them, and I almost fell off my chair. Though I was awkward, and nervous, and completely unsure of what I was doing.. I enjoyed it. I edited photos from home between taking my kids to and from school, homework, meals, and errands.. and it fit my life perfectly.

Months later, a few more photo shoots, and lots of thought, lots and lots of back and forth, I decided to just go for it.. do it.. and launch:

Hudson's Rose

...coming soon in April 2015, with the help of an amazing graphic designer. It will be my small business (portfolio + blog), and I'm complete nerves.

But what I love most is the element of being at home for my kids, flexibility, and a creative outlet that this mama really needs. So I'm starting small, very small, and looking forward to what 2015 holds. So this new site? It will have a gallery of my photography work, my photography services.. and still a blog element (home, parenting, life) because I can't be without my roots. I love that Hudson's Rose, unlike TKH&I, will have more to offer, easier to navigate, and more.. of everything. Thankfully I can still pull over all my material from the last 2+ years to my new site.

My man is not too pleased with my name change, feeling left out and I'm reminding him that he's still my kind handyman, but he's still so excited for his wife.

So maybe it's because spring would be amazing right now (ahem, -20 degree celcius weather) but I just couldn't wait to share this news with you. Building a small business with a new name, logo, stationary, whole new website, and more takes time. I'll be sure to announce here when the official move will be made. And as far as where the name, "Hudson's Rose," comes from, my middle name is Rose, and for some of my childhood resided on a little street called Hudson. So it's very personal, sentimental name for me, and it's growing on me. 


Thank you for your comment. Your input is beyond valuable to me... I look forward to reading it.