Tuesday, May 14, 2013

When Your Tile Grout Turns White, This May Work... {Bathroom Progress}

I'm so relieved. We found a solution to this unpleasant grout problem (read all about it here... or catch the short version right here).

We were ready to have away with this linoleum and install new porcelain tile.

But we groaned when we saw our charcoal grey grout turn white.

I Googled the problem and found out it's quite common. There is a small chance it was the manufacturer's fault, but most likely we were either too generous with water when preparing the grout mixture OR too much moisture was applied with a sponge when the grout was set. 

Either way, we felt stuck... especially since I had already sealed the grout. And during my search on the web I read that if the grout has been sealed we may need to remove the grout and start from scratch... sigh

So my very patient handyman called the manufacturer of our grout and they recommended we give this a try -- Sulfamic Acid Cleaner. 

We found this acid cleaner at our local Home Depot, and we followed the directions to simply add water. We scrubbed the solution between the tiles with an old toothbrush. And to our pleasant surprise...

We're pleased with the results.

The grout stayed a dark grey after drying... phew. 

Unlike our vinegar and water solution that we applied to the grout, where the grout dried white. This vinegar solution could work for you if you're experiencing a similar problem. I'm guessing it didn't work for us because I had sealed the grout

Now we're on to more construction... and while our floor rocks, the rest of our bathroom not-so-much. 

But we're making serious progress. This weekend we bought paint and the handyman prepped the walls by removing the towel bars, filling in holes, and scraping loose paint. 

We're close to crossing out more of this list and we can't wait to show you it all: 

  • Grey wainscoting
  • Fresh white above the wainscoting and ceiling and trim (purchased)
  • New: Accent color to pop out from behind the custom storage (purchased!) 
  • New bath towel hooks...  I have my eye on faux twig hooks from Birdies Nest in London
  • New hand towel holder... already purchased from Winners and ready to go
  • Bigger, better storage... updatethe wood is here, and cut, and so close to being ready


  1. WELL! My hubby and I are having the exact same grout issue :( talk and knocking the wind out of our sails! So excited the see you foun a solution. We havent sealed ours yet so we are going to try the vinegar first and then try the acid wash! Thank again! And I adore your blog and your sweet captured memories! Thanks for sharing

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