Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Bathroom Accent Wall... {Second Bath}

The painting of our basement bath is complete, other than touch ups and painting the trim. Here's a reminder of the colors we went with (you can read more about it here):

The "Fresh Popcorn" by Behr went on well. It took two coats on the walls and ceiling, in addition to the Kilz primer, and I'm happy to say it's a white I finally like. I've had many hit and misses with white, which is funny because it's "white" and I can't believe how many variations there are. 

But the color I was most excited about was this baby, Behr's "Starless Night." 

I decided to do a strip of it on the vanity wall, and the little raised ceiling above the vanity. 

I actually lied down on the floor for that second shot. I'm committed... plus, it was a great ab work out. I taped the perimeter with "Scotch Blue Painter's Tape" for multi-surfaces, and I give this tape two thumbs up. We picked it up from Home Depot awhile ago, so it was in my paint bucket. Taping took the longest. I used scissors to cut the tape into straight edges for the corners, and ran my finger along the tape several times to make sure there weren't any bubbles in the adhesion. 

Then came the best part. 

I cut in and rolled, using a small stool to reach the ceiling, and a cloth for any dark blue splatters on my freshly painted white walls. After two coats, over two days, I pulled off the tape and here's how it turned out. 

The color is beautiful. I love the contrast against the white, and how the light bounces off the color, it's dramatic. Plus, the lines are nearly flawless. In the end, I was happy I went with painting the small ceiling as well. It carries your eyes up, and makes the small space feel a bit bigger than it is. Of course, a lot of that paint will get covered up with a vanity and mirror, but I think it will make a great back drop. 

I thought it would be fun to pull together the progression of the vanity space thus far. 

I guess that much hasn't changed.. since the original color of the vanity wall was blue (behind the studs)? Although, I'll go with the new blue any day!


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