Thursday, February 5, 2015

Our Basement Bathroom Paint Colors... {Bath Addition}

So I darned my paint clothes, and yes, I even have paint socks.

Because it's time to paint that glorious bathroom bath, which means the end of this bathroom addition is in sight, hooray!

Here's the plan: we're using Kilz Clean Start as our primer. It provides easy water clean up, stainblocking, and a mildew resistant finish (all those nice words you like to hear when you're priming a bathroom). This Kilz primer was really great because it has very little odor, no VOCs, and it dried in a 1/2 hour. We put two coats up yesterday, and the bathroom walls and ceiling are well covered.

I should insert here that although those "afters" looks pretty great, the "befores" are just as good. They are evidence of a well done taping and mudding job by my handyman dad. I'm surrounded by amazing handymen, and it's heaven. He completed this step over the weekend, and we are deeply grateful. As you can see there are many corners and edges in this small space, see where the ceiling raises up above the shower and vanity? So it was ideal that we had an expert come in and help us out.

For our paint colors (which I hope to get to today!), I decided to go with with Behr's Fresh Popcorn (left) on the walls and ceiling. This white will keep things light and bright. But I still wanted to go with some drama and interest, so I picked up a quart of Behr's Starless Night (right) and plan to use it on the sliver of wall where the vanity and mirror will go.

I'm excited to do the accent wall. Although, I've been humming and hawing over whether I should paint the little raised ceiling above the vanity with this dark color as well. Thoughts? 

I'm hoping to have all the painting done by Saturday because Saturday is tile day. That wonderful handyman-dad is coming back to tile the bathroom floor (another hooray!), with the same porcelain tile and charcoal grout we went with in the upstairs bath since we had leftover tile. And if all goes to plan, this family of four is in great anticipation for "Toilet Tuesday," it's even on the large family calendar.

Oh, and this weekend, I'm off to a more-than-needed girls weekend away in Collingwood. Here I come hot tubs, wine, girly talk....

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  1. I like the design and the colouring of the bathroom. Really a nice attempt and it grabs attention.Thanks for sharing here the beautiful pictures of your bathroom.


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