Thursday, January 29, 2015

Drywall in the Basement Bathroom... {Second Bath Reno}

We've got drywall up, and so this little space is really taking shape.

It's exciting to have the plumbing and electrical prep work finished and while it's all very tidy behind those walls, it's nice to cover it up (to state the obvious). However, before the drywall went up, we decided to go with soundproofing insulation in the walls and ceiling (Roxul Safe'n'Sound from Home Depot). We put it everywhere except for around the shower. This was an important feature for my new mom cave.. you know, when I need a soundproof break. Actually, that's a secondary reason, the first is to provide family and guests with absolutely privacy. In a small home sometimes it can feel like we're right on top of each other, so adequate soundproofing was important to block each other out a bit... said in the nicest way, of course. Here's a dark drywall tour, since there's no light source at the moment:

The vanity will be to the right of the shower, where the single dangling bulb is. And the last photo (bottom right) is where the toilet will go. The toilet being the whole reason for this bathroom renovation. 

Here's the view from the laundry / storage side. The wall protrudes into this area slightly, but there's still adequate space. Much to the handyman's surprise, I did request soundproofing and drywall on this side too (after the bathroom is complete) to keep the laundry noises at bay, and to provide a more clean looking laundry space. I'd like a wall to have a drying rack, hang an ironing board, maybe put up art, etc. Who knows, this may inspire a whole new, nicer laundry area... a girl can dream.

Outside the bathroom was also dry walled. It will be nice to have some "normal walls" in the basement given that our basement walls have mostly haphazard bead boarding and popcorn texture, it's just not pretty.

My handy-guy left a spot for a light to the left of the door. I'm thinking of going with something like this (from Living Lighting) or this (from Lowes), keeping in mind that it's near the playroom so it will need to have some sturdiness to it.

And I'm delighted to have access again to my central vacuum plug in. Luke (the handyman) moved it from where the bathroom door is now, to the adjacent wall. It's a perfect place for it because I won't have to hassle with any furniture to access it.

Here's an updated before and after, because we really like to see our progress around here. Before:

And, now:

Yes, that pole is very annoying, we just have to deal with it. But otherwise, progress is so wonderful. The mudding and taping is happening this weekend, and we plan to paint early next week (!).

For other bathroom posts check out here (pictures from way, way before), here (the shower), and here (our plans for the sink, faucet, and lighting). 

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