Friday, November 14, 2014

A Second Bathroom... {Home}

How many of you live with one bathroom? Sometimes I feel like we're the only ones. Not to say that we are so hard done by, but it can be challenging at times especially with a 4- and 6- year old.

So we threw our hands up in the air (last week!) and said let's do it. It was always in the back of our minds, but we thought we'd move to a home of 2+ bathrooms before we needed to build one of our own. And since we're going nowhere fast, we looked to our basement storage space to share some room for a 3-piece bath. 

And so far, as the handyman chips away at the concrete downstairs (as I write this), there's no regrets about this quick decision and fast execution. 

We first had to move items stored here. We decided to finally (4 years later) utilize our attic space for camping supplies, Christmas decor, sporting equipment.. items that are used 1-2 times per year. Then, as you can see from the wood to the left, the handyman dismantled the two large wooden shelving units. 

Here's a view from the other side of the basement to help you visualize where our new bath will go. 

Straight ahead is where the bath door access will be. Those walls will stay put in terms of where they sit, but they'll be rebuilt and include soundproofing. 

We've hit the ground running.. having picked out a toilet, purchased flooring (we had leftover tile from our main floor bathroom renovation, we just had to grab two more boxes of the same tile from Lowe's - and it was on sale!), prep the electrical side of things, and start to pull up the concrete to prepare the way for new pipes. We'll endure the awkward day of no plumbing tomorrow while the handyman (an electrician) and his dad (a plumber) get the plumbing sorted out. 

How blessed are we to have willing, helpful handymen in the family in our time of need? 

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