Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Brand New Kitchen... but not what you may think... and an Exciting Update {our love story}

He assembled this new toy in two hours, on that really humid evening we had several days ago, before the frosty nights.

And in my head, I wished a new kitchen re-model could be as easy as this one.

Plus, I've always had a soft spot for a retro-blue stove.

I spotted this beautiful wood kitchen by Melissa and Doug on Amazon. I decided to add it to my registry and shout-out-to-Grandma for buying it for our new little family. #grandmasrock

And while we could have considered building our own, like this and this (epic), my handyman had his hands full with a bathroom reno (I have some great updates to show you), and picking up a kitchen table from Kijij (pictures to come), while balancing the two new kiddies in our lives... already-made was our jam.

Already-assembled of course was not a part of this jam... but that was okay... in fact, I think it was half the fun putting the pieces together.

All this handyman required were two screwdrivers and the directions. All of the plastic bags holding the small pieces were well labelled... and so assembly, although a bit time consuming, wasn't difficult.

In the photos above, he demonstrates that the bolt slides into the pre-drilled holds and the provided screws thread into the bolt.

And because I love a good close up, here's the highlights of this little wonderfully assembled play kitchen.

All the knobs are mobile as well as the faucet, bringing the kitchen even more to life. So those knobs turn, and the hot and cold water levers turn, and the highlight for our kiddies - the timer ticks away and dings - it doesn't cease to intrigue them.

Speaking of being intrigued, these two curious kids love to hover in the kitchen and they absolutely enjoy being apart of the process (like dumping a cup of flour into a bowl, or turning over a teaspoon of oil)... so that's why we felt they would love this kitchen.

I've registered for a few complimentary items... like pretend food (from all 4 food groups), and pretend pots and pans. And I've asked that same sweet Grandma, who is a very gifted sewer, if she could whip up some sweet tea bags, like this. So we'll slowly build up their kitchen supply because as you can see, we have just a few accessories on hand, so they are limited in what they can make... kind of like my university days.

So, would anyone like a cup of tea?

*We have a crazy-new-update for you with regards to the two children (siblings)... they will be coming to live with us full time on Friday, September 27th. We have a few sleepovers under our belt, so our comfort level has increased all around, and plus we just love being around these super-fun, endlessly-creative little ones... it's beyond a gift. Please continue to pray for us as we pick a school for the eldest girl, organize our home a bit more (closets need an over-haul), and that we would rely on His energy and strength at every given moment -- without Him, we just do not have what it takes.  
Relishing in all this quiet... and anticipating a new normal...

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  1. Beyond excited to meet these precious children, for them to come raid our toys as well. And for them to meet Ellie, learn to love her at the same time they learn to be gentle! Such a beautiful thing!


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