Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How I Plan to Inch Forward in this Year, 2013...

I'm timidly joining the masses of bloggers this week.

Unsure of how to go about this, what to expect.

Finding every excuse to walk away from these keys and screen... the music is too loud / too soft, the dishwasher needs to be run, the lighting is wrong, it might be getting a bit late, and how do I upload a photo?

I think I'm finally out of excuses.

Perhaps that's how we find ourselves weeks later, after scribbling down a few resolutions for 2013. Giving into all these small distractions... which take us to 2014. 

My pen spontaneously wrote this list for this 2013 year. Just five small ways to move forward... five is all my little note pad and pen could take. Which I'm thankful for, because I'm certain I could think of 100 ways I'd like to be a better me... and make a bigger impact. 

So here I go...  Before another distraction threatens to pull me away!

#1. Find a Family Verse 

My family is quite small... just my kind man and I. Neither of us excel at memorization. So this family verse would be one that is stamped on our hearts for the year. One that draws our eyes to the heavens...

Like this family and Mom on a Mission.

Perhaps this will become an annual tradition... one that will evolve as life does.

#2. Paint or Draw... Be Creative

I need to channel my high school self.

Minus all those awkward moments.

I spent hours as a teenager hunched over my sketch pad or canvas. Hours would pass unnoticed.

I recently stumbled over my artwork when it was dropped off at my doorstep by an uncle who's home I had stored some of my things as I entered into university. Somehow this stack of art had been left behind, forgotten.

My poor handyman... I subjected him to an hour long session featuring every sketch and painting... and the story behind each.

Since then, I've framed some of my old high school art (future post to come!)... but neglecting to make anything new.

#3. Continue to Learn Spanish... Don't Give Up

How it would be a dream of mine to be able to speak and understand Spanish.

To communicate with all the little ones and their families that I encounter through my job with Compassion Canada.

A dream.

To tell these little ones how much they are loved... from my lips.

To my dear friend, Andrea... thank you for grace and patience, for teaching me this beautiful language. I'm slow and awful. But I'm committing for one, wonderful year... (if you'll have me, friend).

#4. Blog

I have been inspired for years to blog... I'm grateful that I'm following through... how glorious. 

This year, called 2013, may unwrap some significant changes in the life of my kind man and I.

We courageously approached our local Children's Aid Society in the summer of 2012... sharing with them our intention to adopt... for a change in heart. That we would open our home according to the Lord's plan... not ours.

I can't risk losing our step-by-step journey... photos, dates, fears, joys... we want to share this all with our children. Like the writers of this blog, The Lettered Cottage, my new love.

Those classes that tell us what to expect and try to prepare us begin in a few long days. We can hardly wait.

So while I'm desperate to record this journey, this handyman and I also enjoy working on our first home together. I'm new to this, but I hope to share this journey too...

My goal : 2-3 posts each week.

Especially, especially, on how we make this home a warm place for precious, scared, little ones.

#5. Take Care of Me

Personally, I'm not so fond of this one.

It feels rather selfish...

I rationalize it like this : I need to work on me (finding ways to keep this body fit, finding healthy foods, finding joy, finding quiet moments) so that I can be a good friend, wife, mom.

Will you share how you plan to inch forward in this year, 2013?


  1. Saw an unfamiliar blog that linked to mine... so I decided to click over here! And, what a pleasant surprise! So glad you're blogging, friend! Can't wait to read along this year. LOVE this blog post, by the way... you're going to be an awesome mom. I just know it! :-)

    1. I hope you don't mind! I'm so inspired by you and many others.. the way you write, live, love. Thanks for reading. Your encouragement means so much!

    2. I don't mind at all! Linking up in how community forms in the blog world. Glad to be an encouragement!!!

  2. Love, love. love. Keep sharing. Keep writing. Keep loving. Hugs Stephie!!! - Tracy

    1. Thanks Tracy! I'll try my best! I love reading your writing too!

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  4. This is so awesome, Stephanie! Can't wait to read all your posts & follow along! :)

    Also, adoption - that is so exciting! :)


    1. Thanks Alyssa! I hope I don't disappoint! I hope you've done some more writing :)

    2. i have! my blog is back after a month-long blog break! :)

  5. Stephanie! Tracy just mentioned your blog - welcome to the world of blogging :) I've been having fun with mine! I will look forward to reading about your journey.

    1. It's been so great to follow along on your blog! The exciting part is still to come, please keep us updated! Thank you for following this little blog.. :)

  6. Keep up the great blogging Steph! Looking forward to being an Aunt - again!

    Love Rebecca


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